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1. cost / take / spend / pay

ʱij It takes sb some time to do sth . = sb spend some time indoing sth .= sb spend some time on sth .

ij˻Ǯij sb spend some money on sth .= sb pay some money for sth.= sth cost sb . some money .

ע⣺ cost pay ָֻǮtake ָֻʱ䣬spend ָǮҲָʱ䡣

spend pay ﶼˣ cost take һ It takes sb some time to do sth. С

2. thanks for Ϊ...л

Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party .ллվۻᡣ

thanks to /

Thanks to your help. I got good grades .


3. ô...

what + ʣhow + ݴ

What bad weather ô

How hard he works ôŬ

What fresh vegetables ôʵ߲˰

How cute a monkey it is һֻôɰĺӰ

4 . Ϊ............

becauseʣ+Ӿ        because ofʶ+ ʣ

I didnt go to school because I had a headache.


He was late for class because of the bad weather .


ע⣺because soͬʱ

5 . 

be from = come from

Where are you from  = Where do you come from

6 . How often һΣƵʣ

How long ãһʱʣ

How soonԺ Խʱʣ

How far ೤ѯʶ೤룩

How long have you been collecting the kites


For ten years.   ʮˡ

How often do you go shopping   ùһΣ 

Sometimes.   ʱ

How soon will your father come back    ְֶԺ

In two years. 

How far is it from your home to school   ҵѧУԶ

About ten miles.   ʮӢ

7 . ͨ

take a / the +ͨ

by+ͨ=on a ͨ


He takes a bus to bank.= He goes to bank by bus.  ȥС


ride ones bike / ride a horse / ride a donkey

8 . Բ

Excuse me ͼݣ׻

Sorry ʾǸ

Excuse me. Where is Tianfu Square in Chengdu


Dont eat in class.   ҪڿϳԶ

Sorry. Ms Clark .   ԲClarkС㡣
9 .

sound Ȼĸ     noise    voice˵ɤ

Lucy has a sweet voice.    ¶ɤ

Dont make noise.     Ҫ

10. ......

look like ò           be like Ը

Lily look like Lucy .   򳤵¶

Oh they are twins.   Ŷ˫̥

Tony is like a monkey because he is cute and playful .


11. ã

take to ȥ              bringto

fetch ȡ ǿһأ

Tony , fetch the ball here. Please.    ᣬǸȡ

My father often takes me to concerts on Sundays.


Bring your homework to school tomorrow.


12. һЩ

some ڿ϶         any ڷ񶨾ʾ

Id like some milk.

Would you like some yogurt     ҪһЩ

Thanks . I dont want any.     ллˡ



How manyοʸ

How much β

How much juice do you want      Ҫٹ֭

How many apples do you want      Ҫƻ

ע⣺How muchɶԼǮʣ

How much are the potatoes     ЩǮ


see ǿĽ

look at ﶯʣǿĶ

watch ۿйʣ

read ʶ顢š־

Dont read in bed.    ҪڴϿ顣

We will watch a basketball game this evening.


Please look at the blackboard. everyone.    뿴ڰ塣

I saw a bird in the tree yesterday.     죬ҿһֻϡ

15. ֹͣij

stop doing sth ֹͣ

stop to do sth ͣȥ

The girl soon stopped crying.    ŮþͲˡ

He was tired and stopped to have a rest.   ۣͣϢһ¡

16. forget/remember

forget / remember to do sth:/ǵȥij£δ

forget/remember doing sth:/ǵij£

He forgot to turn off the light.    ǹصˡδأ

Remember to go to the post office after school.


He forgot turning off the light.ǹ˵ơѹأ

Dont you remember seeing the man before


17. ...

reach + ص                    get to + ص

arrive + in + ص             arrive + at + Сص

He reached London yesterday.= He got to London yesterday.=He arrived in London yesterday.      쵽׶ء

She arrived at the bus station just now.    ղŵ˹վ

You should get home on time.         Ӧðʱҡ

ע⣺getarriveӵص㸱ʱӽʡ磺get home/there ȡ

18. óڡ...ú

be good at = do well in

She is good at chemistry.=She does well in chemistry.    óѧ

Niuniu is good at playing the violin.=Niuniu _does well in playing the violin.


Lucy and Lily are twin girls . Lucy is better at dancing than Lily , but Lily does better in singing than Lucy.


19. Ӯã

win Ӯãa gamewar a matcha prizeȡ


Which team won the football match      ĸӮⳡ

Wang Hao beat Ma Lin and won the champion of the Mens Singles.



borrow sth. from sb = borrow sb. sth ij˽ij룩

lend sth. to sb = lend sb. sthijijˣ


Can you lend me your bike = Can you lend your bike to me


You can borrow some money from your brother.=You can borrow your brother some money.     ֵܽһЩǮ

How long can I keep the book     ҿԽⱾã

You can keep it for two weeks.      Խܡ

21. ܣ᣺be able to, can

I can play the guitar.      һᵯ

He is able to play chess.  


22. ̫......̫......

too many ̫࣬ οʸ

too much ̫࣬β

much too̫ ݴʻ򸱴ԭ

There are too many students in the hallways. Its dangerous.


I had too much bread for breakfast.     緹˶

This coat is much too expensive.       ̫ˡ

23. ȥ/ȥij

have / has been to ȥij

have / has gone to ȥij

He has been to Beijing.     ȥѲڱ

He has gone to Beijing.     ȥ˱ȥ;лѵ

24. use

used to do sth.ȥij

begetused to doing sth.ϰij

be used to do sth = be used for doing sth. ij

This river used to be very clean .    ӹȥdzɾ

Im not used to getting up early.   Ҳϰ

Pens are used for writing.      ֱʱд֡

25. ......

belong to + /˳ƴʱڣ

be + и/ ʣǣ

It must be Nings.= It must belong to Ning.   һġ

The pencil must be mine.= The pencil must belong to me.


26. cant : mustһ

The CD must belong to Tony, because he likes listening to music.


The toy can't be my grandpa's . After allhe is an old man.


27. ɡ...Ƴ

be made fromɡ...Ƴɣԭϣ

be made ofɡ...Ƴɣóԭϣ

The table is made of wood.    ľġ

Paper is made from wood.    ֽľġ

28. ϲ......

prefer to do/doing sth ϲij

prefer sth to sth ......ϲ......

prefer doing sth to doing sth ......ϲ......

I prefer swiming to playing balls.   ҸϲӾ

He prefers fish to beef.     ţϲ㡣

I prefer to walk to work.    Ҹϲ·ȥϰࡣ

29. һЩʾ˵лݴ

ed                ing

interestingȤģ interestedȤ

tiring˵ģ tired۵ģƣ



surprising˾ȵģ surprisedȵ

relaxing˷ɵģ relaxedɵ


She is interested in this interesting history story.


30. number

the number of + ʸ...ʱνõ

a number of + ʸࡢһЩ= many ʱνø

The number of students in our class is 80.  ǰѧǰʮˡ

A number of students are in Helin Middle School.  ܶѧںѧ

31. ʱõʱ״

for + һʱ                  since + ʱ/һȥʱľ

We have been studying English for three years.


He has been staying here since he was five years old.


We havent seen each other since ten years ago.


ע⣺for since ໥ת

Jenny has been collecting coins for several years. = Jenny has been collecting coins since several years ago.  ռӲѾмʱˡ

32. ...֮

except ڣ             besides ڣ

Everyone could answer this question except Jim.


There are three girls besides me.   ֮⣬Ů

33. Ѿ

already ڿ϶            yet ڷ񶨾ʾĩ

Have you seen the film yet       㿴ⲿӰ

I havent locked the door yet.        һûš

Mom has already watered the flowers.    Ѿˡ

34. ʹ

Dont do sth.=No + doing / n.

Dont smoke here.= No smoking here.   ֹ̡

Dont take photos.= No photos.     ֹա

35. Ҳ

too ſ϶ĩʾĩ            either ŷ񶨾ĩ

also ſ϶

She is a girl. I am a girl , too.     ǸŮҲŮ

Do you play soccer every day too    Ҳÿ춼

He also likes collecting things.    Ҳϲռ


36. Ҫϸ

be strict with sb. ijҪϸ       be strict in sth. ijҪϸ

Miss Zhang is strict in her work and she is strict with her students.


37. Ҫij

need to do sth

need doing sth ʽ壩

The classroom needs cleaning. Its too dirty.    Ҫɨ̫ˡ

Children need to sleep a lot.     Ҫܶ˯ߡ


throughʣڲ         acrossʣӱ洩

cross ʣӱ洩

Be careful when you cross the street.   ֵʱҪСġ

The man went through the forest.    ˴ɭ֡

He swam across the river.      ι˺ӡ

39. ľ

Why dont you do sth = Why not do sth Ϊʲô......

How /what about doing sth ......ô

Lets do sth. ......
Why dont you have a cup of tea =Why not have a cup of tea


Lets go out for a walk.    dzȥɢɡ

How about practice conversations    ϰԻô

40. so neither ĵװ

So + /ϵ/̬+ ʾ϶壨...Ҳˣ

Neither + /ϵ/̬+ ʾ壨...Ҳ

My mother didnt go to school. Neither did my father.


James comes from the USA . So does Tom.  ղķ˹ķҲǡ

My pen pal can speak Japanese. So can I.   ҵıѻ˵ Ҳᡣ

My sister isnt outgoing. Neither am I.    ҵĽ㲻Ҳ


both ߶                   all߻϶

The twins both are good students.   ˫̥Ǻѧ

There are lots of colorful flowers on two sides of the streets.


There are five people in my family. We all like playing sports. My parents both love us. We are very happy.


42. alone / lonely

alone һ           lonely ¶ģį(һĸɫ)

He is alone at home.      һڼҡ

He lives a lonely life in the country.    ҹŹ¶

43. in/on the tree

in the tree                on the tree ϵ

I saw a cat in the tree.     ҿֻè

There are many apples on the tree.    кܶƻ

44. in/on the wall

in the wall ָǽ       on the wall ָǽ

There is a map on the wall.   ǽһŵͼ

There is a door in the wall.   ǽǶһš

45. on/in the bed

on the bed ָƷڴ    in bed ָڴ

My bag is on the bed.    ҵİڴϡ

Lily is ill in bed.      ڴϡ

46. ˡ......

so/such...that... ............that״Ӿ䣩

soǸʣݴʻ򸱴        suchݴʣ

Tom is such a clever boy that he can answer the question.= Tom is so clever a boy that he can answer the question.

The box is so heavy that I cant carry it.  أҰ᲻

ע⣺ǰmany / much / few / littleЩʱҪsothat...

47. ......ʱ

when + /Զ         while+Զʣýʱ

When I was watching TV he came in.

= When he came in I was watching TV.

While I was in Shanghai I visited him .

48. at the age of when ʱ״Ի

I began to play football when I was five years old .

= I began to play football at the age of five.   ʱʼ

49. instead/instead of

instead෴ žסĩ
instead of + //ʣ棻

I will go to see her instead of you.    һȥ

We often sing English song instead of reading aloud.


He doesnt like beer. Give him coke instead.  ϲơơְɡ

50. be famous as/for

be famous as: Ϊ...֪        be famous for: ...

Li Bai is famous as a poet.     Ϊʫ˶֪

Hangzhou is famous for the West Lake.   

51. ...

sb/sth seems to do sth
It seems that +Ӿ

It seems that he feels very sad.= He seems to feel very sad.


She seems to want to have a drink.= It seems that she wants to have a drink.


52. ʴ+ ʲʽ 롰Ӿ䡱Ļ

I will show you where you should go.= I will show you where to go.


Could you tell me how I can get to Summer Palace= Could you tell me how to get to Summer Palace



53. question/problem

question: ɻ󲻽⣬ask / answerʹá

problemָдĽѵ/ѧȣsolve / work out .

Please answer my question in English.    Ӣشҵ⡣

I cant work out this maths problem.    Ҳܽѧ⡣

54. family/home/house

family: /ͥǿͥԱסķ޹أ

home ңָ˳סĵطһɫʣ

house /סլסĽ

My family are kind.     ҵļ˺

Welcome to my home.   ӭҼҡ

They moved to their new house last year.    ȥᵽ¼ҡ

55. in front of/in the front of

in front ofijһΧǰ

in the front ofijһΧڵǰ

There is a tall tree in front of our classroom.


Two persons are sitting in the front of the car.  ǰ

56. ϣҹ   at night

on + a + adj + nightھý on

You shouldnt go out at night.    㲻Ӧϳȥ

He met a thief on a cold night.     һϣһС͵

57. ڡ֮



She is sitting between Lucy and Lily.    ¶֮䡣

He built a house among the trees.      нһӡ

58. sometimes/some times/sometime/some time

sometimesʱʱ            some times

sometime ijʱ              some timeһʱ

Sometimes I go to school by bus.        ʱ˹ȥѧ

He has been to Shanghai some times.    ȥϺΡ

I saw him sometime last year.       ȥ꣬ijʱӹ

He will stay here for some time.     һʱ䡣


wear+ ·/Ьñ/۾ȣǿ״̬   put on +·/Ьñ/۾ȣǿ

be in + ɫ/Σǿ״̬        dress + /ʣij˴

Our teacher often wears a pair of glasses.   ʦ۾

Kate puts on her hat and goes out.      شñӳȥˡ

The girl in red is my sister.       ·Ůҽ㡣

She dresses her daughter every morning.   ÿ糿Ů·

ע⣺dressʾ״̬ʱbe dressed in + šɫ·

He is dressed in a black coat.     źɫס

60. play

play + ࡢʣthe      play the +ʣthe

play badminton ë             play chess

play computer games Ϸ     play the violin С


play the +йʣӲ the


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